We Serve use quality products which is recognized and approved by the Muscat Municipality. Major products we use are manufactured by BAYER.

Pests can damage properties, spread disease and pose a threat to inhabitants. we deal with a range of problem with pests, termites, rodents, bed bugs, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, snakes and scorpions, will give you peace of mind and protected home.


We provides various pest control methods to commercial and industrial customers using the most sophisticated technologies. We are cost-effective and appropriate for all your needs.


We offer safe, quick, effective and stress free pest prevention techniques which will fell you comfortable at home even after the treatment.we use odorless items to attract cockroaches at sensitive areas such as kitchen cabinets, drawers.


Rodents are a dangerous pest in the work place. Infamous for carrying deadly diseases, they are known to damage electronics, wiring, affect food products and are altogether unsightly for clients or employees. we offer specialized rodent management with multiple control technologies.


We offers a quick relief approach to bedbugs through Bug Buster. Govt. registered and approved chemicals used in treatment.

Bed Bug Treatment

The need for a hygienic and sanitized home, office or commercial space at all times is another new normal in this covid days. These process requires the use of certified, hospital-grade chemicals and the work of trained professionals. So, if you too consider this the need of the hour, call us

Covid Sanitization

Termites are wily, elusive and stubborn. They multiply fast and, if you destroy them in one place, In fact, any attempt to get rid of them superficially only serves to scatter the infestation. Al Bashiq termit Control Division can deal effectively with the right scientific control techniques, sophisticated equipment, trained personnel.

Termite Treatment

Who we are

Company Overview

We Serve Oman Pest Control is a division of Al-Basheq Grey Trad. & Cont. LLC. Al Basheq is a Limited Liability Company and has the expertise in Civil Construction, Manufacturing and trading in building materials and Pest Control Products.

Al-Basheq Grey Trading & Contracting Company has an experienced Professional Management and strong financial support to manage the Projects in timely fashion. The Company has firm commitment and pledge to provide, without compromising with all applicable standards and procedures, high quality services according to requirement and utmost satisfaction of the Clients.

The Al Basheq culture begins with its people – all of who work towards one goal ‘Nobody Does Better What We Do Best’

About We Serve Oman

We Serve Oman Pest Control offers pest management services to residential, commercial, and industrial institutions. We have provided Omani residents and businesses with top-quality services for the last 6 years. At We Serve Pest Control, we offer the highest quality of pest control services in our industry. We take pride in the work we do, and we use our knowledge and experience to safely complete our pest management services. We believe in principles like fairness, honesty, and integrity. This gives us our competitive advantage and guarantees us the highest rating in customer satisfaction amongst our customers

Why need Pest Control?

  • Pests are hazardous to all kinds of possessions owned by people.
  • They are a threat to food grains – Rats are the best example. A couple of rats can devour food grains that a single family can live on.
  • Other store grain pests like beetles, bugs, etc can cause lethal offal toxins in stored food grains.
  • Termites are capable of completely destroying wooden furniture and structures.
  • Insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, flies are parasites of human being and are potential vectors of most common diseases. within 24 hours.
  • In general insect pests are the most dominant creatures of this evolutionary Universe. Unless, scientifically controlled they become a threat to life.
  • Pests are also a cause of social embarrassment when found in ones house.
  • Pests are the unwanted icons in the desk top of our living place.

Our Service

  • We can deal with all types of infestation and eradication from all type of pests.
  • Odorless and harmless treatment with Guarantee.
  • Free inspection and the best information & advice on how to safely remove and control pests.
  • Annual Pest Prevention Contracts for your business to anticipate and control potential pest problems through regular inspections and treatments.
  • Competitive Rates and quick response to any problems.
  • Free emergency call out
  • A flexible approach with contracts tailored to your individual pest control requirements at the most competitive price.

Our Major Clients

Khimji ramdas LLC
OTE Goup
Al Rabiyah Complex
ICDC oman
Galfar Engineering
Inter-Continental Hotel Muscat
Rusayl Hotel
Truck Oman Co.
Dhofar Automotive
Muscat Steel Industries Co.LLC
Atlantic Construction Co. LLC
L&T Oman
Oman Sea Petroleum.
Al Ashriyah Marble Factory
Al- Injaz Private School
Indian School (Nizwa)
Jawad Sultan Group
Amjaad Group
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